Welcome, Nasty-Ones!

I’m thrilled you found me…
Now lay back (or chill comfortably in your most relaxed position), keep at least one hand free (or co-read with friends for even more hands on deck), and let my words totally fuck you blind.

It’s 2017, and I’m just gettin’ started as an indie author!
You can go ahead and feel amazing that you discovered my stories first, you awesome early adopter you! There is a flood of yumminess in my mind, so as fast as my fingers can stroke the keys, you will get fresh (self)fuck-worthy fun.

Who the fuck is Bella Shadows?

I’m brand new on the net, but not new to the set.

I’d been writing smut in public places with my favorite tools (a pencil and black-bound journal) only to recently realize that the same people in public who inspired me and who I was surrounded by while I wrote (usually freaks like me hanging out in coffee shops and the like) might get off on my stories, too. I love to pleasure myself with my own thoughts, so pleasuring others is the natural next step.

A couple months back, my inner-voices whispered, why do you keep all that deliciousness to yourself? How greedy, Bella! Share some with the rest of us, bitch!
(My inner-voices are like a gang of badass spirits, they guide me well – I totally honor them)

My BFF said, “Totally! DO IT.”

So I did! I got my shit together and my first Patty Cakes story has been published!

What ya got for us, Bella?

My handcrafted milkshakes are a blend of juicy magick and ritual, hand-squeezed natural urges and urgent needs, ripe-n-ready paranormal ecstasy and pleasurable fantasy, all whipped-up with mind-blowing surrealism and wad-blowing mindfucks, starring all the delicious misfits and counter-culture characters one could possibly desire.

Fucked-up fucking, definitely.
Idiomatic oddness, mostly.
Universe bending, absolutely.
Smutpunk, basically.
Explicit, YES.

But don’t try to label me… I’m anti-genre.
I can’t be boxed.

I don’t apologize for anything I write.
I don’t censor my Nasty-Ones. Ever.

By ‘nasty-ones’ I mean ‘characters’.
These aren’t the damsels and dukes.
Ain’t no fucking billionaires here neither (unless I decide to humiliate them).
The sex is not loverly and soft, but rather raw and untapped…

Pure creation energy.

You won’t find typical romantic notions like flowers and sweets in my worlds…
However, you might wake up from the black-out-inducing orgasm that my words coaxed you into, and find sweet honey dripping from your nipples.

I’m just sayin, wild shit has happened to my readers before. Transformational escapism due to sexually stimulating the glands and the mind simultaneously is a thing…
An amazingly delicious thing…

There’s a little bit of somethin’ for every outcast, and each Nasty-One has their own universe, their own style and fetish, and their own special-moves.

I’m also masterminding a ‘choose-ur-own-fuckventure’ section that may be a few months out, but will definitely cause some earth-shatteringly huge Orgasms (yep, with a capital).
Come again? Yes, please.

I am an Erotic Artisté…
A Smutpunk Eroticisté

For all you tattoo-covered pierced lovers, rebel spirits, hiding magicians, occult followers, ritual artists, budding witches, astrology masters, rollergirls, rockabillies, afropunks, cosplayers…
…I write for you
I create universes full of wicked pleasure for you
You are my heartbeats.

Big O’s,

xXO-Bella Shadows-OXx


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I adore fan-mail!

Reviews, suggestions, shout-outs, fuck-offs, whatever!
Feedback is a fetish. Tell me how you feel, especially after reading my smutpunk…
Reach out and touch me, anytime…