I bet you need some Smutpunk in your life right about now.

You do?

Well then, your lucky number is 13!



That’s right, my nasty-ones, 13 titles for you to feast upon, including my first published smutpunks story, Patty Cakes: The Baker’s Man Comes. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance! Patty Cakes Part 2 (working title: Patty Cakes Does Hump Day) is on its way to the finishing desk and will feature a massive open-mic orgy not to be missed.





Also up for grabs is a spanking new collaboration of smutpunktasticness featuring a new short I wrote titled Agent Joystick! which goes a little somethin’ like this:

Somewhere in the world, an old man laments his initiation as a government assassin, a cum-stealing lady-mech does her nasty deeds, and History is to thank for it all. Agent Joystick details his sextale, from baited hook to sinker.


Wait, Free Smutpunk?
You mean $FREE99, f’real?!!

Yes! f’real.

This is a conglomerate of the most amazing Smutpunk pen-teasers in the house! Not only are these authors kick-ass and immensely talented, they have a keen eye for punk’d-up kink, guaranteeing you will get more than your fill of what-the-fuck fucking. I promise, you will enjoy all 13 books.

All you got to do is:

  • Click the giant gold button at the bottom to pop over to the landing page made by his illustrious magesty, the King of Smutpunk, Moctezuma Johnson.
  • Definitely get my delicious book, Patty Cakes: The Baker’s Man Comes, grease up those fingers, relax & indulge.
  • Write me a juicy review over on Amazon by clicking this link (you don’t have to, but you are sexier if you do!).
  • Don’t stop when you’re done with Patty! Get ALL of those tasty titles while you can! The giveaway only lasts April 13-16!