Whether you consider yourself a veteran smutpunker, or are new to the game, this collab is not to be missed!

A bunch of us offbeat erotica authors joined forces and wrote over 38,000 nasty words for your indulgence. Each of us make our own flavor of Smutpunk (mine being minty-chocolate served on a booty-bowl) and we’ve always wanted to band together and see what happens when Smutpunk collides. Consider this collab the erotic power ranger… Let your imagination form a picture of what that would look like.

So, one day, King Smutpunk, aka Moctezuma Johnson, says to me, “hey Bella, wanna piece of this freaktastic action?”

“Fuck yes!”

And so it is.

My contribution in the Smutpunk Erotica Collab is called Agent Joystick. It’s a nasty little alt-history fuck-mystery that takes place in south Florida in 1911. A time-traveling assassin laments about when he was sexually manipulated/recruited into the fold by his handler, who he calls Banana, a cum-thief-sex-bot. Agent Joystick and Banana work for History, the mysterious conglomeration that controls the fate of modern civilization.

I’ll tell you a little secret… Agent Joystick, the main character, literally walked into my mind one day and just started talkin’ to me. He told me his wild assassin-creation story like a proper muse, and I wrote it all down word-for-word. He gave me permission to publish it, as he said it wouldn’t be believed anyhow.

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