Bella, Bella, Bella, can’t you see?
Sometimes you smutpunk me perfectly.

Bella Shadows is a smutpunk sex-nerd who deeply squirreled away the nuts of her dirty little stories in her mind-hole for far too long before she decided to share.
I said, Biiiiitch!

One day she realized, my Nasty-Ones get me all sorts’a hot and make me cum hard… I bet they would make the world cum hard, too!

She proudly pens for all folks who are under-represented, like herself, who just can’t read another fucking crusty-billionaire-bimbo-limbo-combo-fuck. Naw. Fuck that.

Bella creates intelligent heroines and heroes who understand that sexual taboos run way deeper than skin and gender. Nasty-Ones can’t be fooled like that.

Bella, turn my everyday life into a naughty game of smutpunk!
Gimme vibrant colors, gimme thick chocolate bars, gimme occult magic and scars, gimme tattoos, taboos, and pierced boobs!

You got it, babe. You got it.


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